March 9, 2014

Whatever Craft Weekend

Whatever Craft Weekend was an amazing experience. A once in a lifetime experience. A weekend of fun, relaxation, great food, wonderful people, an amazing house, antiquing, and crafting. What could be better?
I was leaving my kids for the first time for the whole weekend. I flew to Dallas, TX and had a few hours to spare so I had my dear friend Natalie meet me at the airport. It was so wonderful to see her again after more than 7 years! She looked exactly the same, and it's amazing how you can just pick up where we left off after so long with your closest friends. I got the best hugs ever!

When I arrived in Wichita, Kansas, I had a few hours to spare at the airport. I was anxiously waiting to meet the helpers in their ruffled aprons. After a few hours, I saw a van pull up and out came Carissa from Brown Eyed Fox, in a beautiful ruffled apron. She was so nice and welcoming, she made me feel at home right away. Then I met Jess who was as sweet as can be.  We had to wait for a few other people who had flight delays so we went to the local Target/Starbucks. It was the smallest Target I have ever been to.

When we finally go to the house we met Meg and Kimberlee, who were so nice and welcoming as well. We all went into the house, found our rooms and started snapping photos, we knew that very soon the house would be crafting mess. 

Craft Space:

They had dinner ready and waiting, a nice salad, MEGaritas, and then one of Kimberlee's special chili recipes that has chocolate in it! Everything was delicious. 

After dinner, we took our seats and went over all the swag from all the wonderful sponsors. We got so many amazing pieces. 

My friend Awbree was the reason I was here, she was so excited to be there! Awbree's name was drawn from the long waiting list, and she could invite a friend, I was the lucky one. She's a much better blogger than I am, you can see her Craft Weekend posts here and here. If you want to get on the Craft Weekend waiting list, here's the link.

Friday night is traditionally the night everyone makes their ruffle apron. We got our instructions from Meg and got started with picking our fabrics. I think this was the hardest part. 

 There is way too much to include abut the weekend in one post. To be continued...


  1. Loved meeting you! Seeing these pictures makes me want to go back even more!

    1. Sorry for my slow reply. Loved meeting you, too! I still need to get the rest of my photos on here. Hope you are doing well.


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