December 30, 2014

Art Necklaces

I have so much wonderful art work from my kids around the house. This year I decided to make something from one of the pieces my daughter Ellie made in Art Class. 

Here is the original piece, a quilt piece, made with crayon and water color paint. I love this piece and it was on our refrigerator for a long time. I finally wanted to try to do something with it. Here are some instructions if you want to make your own!

First, scan your original piece, the width was a bit too big for my scanner so I cropped it a little on both sides.

Next, print your image on a piece of "shrink" paper. I actually didn't use the "shrinky dink" brand, I bought a generic paper on amazon, just make sure it is suitable for your printer if you plan on printing on it (you can always draw on it with sharpies). I filled up my piece so I wouldn't waste the paper, and so we could have many necklaces.

After the ink dries, cut each piece out, and punch a hole with a hole puncher so you will have a place to attach the chain. Preheat oven to instructed temperature, my paper used 325 degrees. Line your pan with parchment paper so the paper won't stick. 

When the oven is at temperature, put the pan in the oven. The shrinking will happen pretty quickly, so keep an eye on it. The pieces will seem like they are getting completely out of shape as they shrink, but as they get smaller, they flatten out. Once the pieces are flat again take them out of the oven, it was only about 3-4 minutes for me. If any pieces aren't as flat as you'd like use the back side of a spoon to press them down before they cool.

Here is the final piece with the ball and chain necklace attached. Ellie loved giving these as gifts this year, she was so proud.


  1. Do you remember how big each piece was before you baked them? Love this!!!

    1. Good question! They were about 2"X3" (maybe a little bigger) before they were baked.

  2. Thank you!! I will be making a few of these for valentines! And of course for me to wear too!!! 😍

  3. Such an awesome gift, and great idea to use for Valentine's Day!


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