January 29, 2017


i've been pondering over how i wanted to approach the end of a big chapter of my family's life. i feel as though we were given a great opportunity, and for that i am very grateful. i knew this chapter would eventually come to an end.

for the next 30 days, i will try to recount 30 of my favorite parts and memories from the farmhouse. i will use the tag #30thingsivelovedaboutlivingatthefarmhouse, i'd love if anyone who has shared this journey with us would post memories as well.

i apologize in advance for flooding your feed for 30 days.

photos from our first week at the farm:

the morning fog in the fields, from the front porch

visiting the horses

exploring the pond

climbing the big rocks, they look so little!

checking out the neeiiiiigh-borhood

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