February 8, 2017

day 10: bloopers (& out takes)

day 10: bloopers (& outtakes)
happy national kite flying day! today i'll highlight a few bloopers/out takes. the first one is about a time that the kids were flying a kite with brad, as usual i was busy taking pictures. it was great until they tried to do a hand off with the kite high up in the air. the kite took off, and landed high in a tree, and is still there.

here the kite is stuck.

this big red ball was so much fun to roll down the hill inside of. although we didn't think it would spook the horses and it did, they watched in awe, and one horse that was being walked into another field ran away from her owner, oops.

one year there were so many snow days in a row that the only way to break free from the kids and brad going stir crazy was to up the bounce up inside. 

for the fourth of july we had some fireworks and set them off out back thinking they were all "quiet" fireworks. imagine our surprise when one was not "quiet," but rather very loud. the horses didn't like that so much either.

frozen water pipes, inside and out, luckily none of them burst.

flooding in the smoke house.

so many water problems.

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