October 30, 2013

2nd Floor Bathroom

When we moved in the 2nd floor bathroom was not in great condition. Someone had tried to remove the wall paper, but had given up, there was no cover for the light, the previous tenants did not use the beautiful claw foot tub, and the mirror covering the medicine cabinet was missing. This bathroom has a lot of potential, in the last month I have made a few improvements but we are still waiting for the owner to fix a few things.

Here are some before photos:

To update the wall paper, I used a heavy weight fabric and tacked it into place. With a mixture of cornstarch and water that was boiled and cooled, my friend Heather and I brushed the walls, then the top of the fabric to adhere it to the walls. I let it dry over night then trimmed the excess fabric, and re-sealed the edges with the cornstarch mixture. This temporary "wall paper" can peel right off, perfect for our rental. It has been up for a month and has not peeled off at all.

Here the fabric is pinned up, with the excess hanging over, before we adhered it to the wall.

Heather is helping me pin up the pieces.

We are still waiting for the owner to fix the slow draining tub, and put the mirror back on the medicine cabinet, but it has definitely improved. I made the curtain for the window and painted the shelf we hung on the wall.

Here are some after photos:

1 comment:

  1. I love the fabric on the walls!!! What an awesome idea. And that curtain is so cute! Looking forward to seeing more projects you do around the house :)


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