November 20, 2013

5 Favorite Things (for today)

Since we found the house in May, we have had a team collecting, bargaining, and coming up with ideas to fill and decorate the Farmhouse. It was like Christmas when we finally moved in, and so wonderful to finally see everything come together.

I have so many favorite things in the house.  Today I picked 5.

1. This beautiful and colorful quilt from my mother in-law, Betty. Since we still need to work on our master bedroom, I may use this as inspiration. I especially like the scissor fabrics.

2. Handmade flag by Ron (Brad's step-Dad), it still needs it's stars but I love it!

3. The Singer/Tool box table.  The Singer base was Brad's grandmother's (GaGa), his Aunt Sue found a vintage tool box that was a great size to use as a top. Betty whitewashed the tool box and fastened it to the base. Voila, a perfect little table.

4. This beautiful quilt was given to the girls from Betty. It was actually given to her as a gift, but she felt it would be best in a room for two little girls. It is beautiful, the love and time that went into making this quilt really shows.

5. And last, but not least, this dresser with a mirror. Found by Aunt Sue at a dumpster, and salvaged by Betty. Why would someone want to get rid of this?! I still need to give it a paint job and wax the drawers to help them slide easier, but I use it everyday and I love it.

That's all for today, I see more 5 favorite things entries in the future.
Thank you Betty, Aunt Sue, Ron, and GaGa!

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