February 2, 2017

day 4: wildlife

day 4: wildlife
happy groundhog day! looks like we will be enduring 6 more weeks of winter. living on the farm we have the pleasure of having a lot of wildlife around us, and living with us 😁. some of which included: lizards, mice, ladybugs, cicadas, spiders, caterpillars, hercules beetles, squirrels, deer, snakes, geese, hawks, heron, turtles, frogs, ants, foxes, coyotes, ducks, praying mantes, raccoons, and groundhogs.
since it is groundhog day i'll start with those cute little buggers. we realized we had a family of groundhogs when three teeny cute groundhogs started running around the front lawn and on our front porch (see post from 06.13.16). they were adorable, and the kids wanted to keep them as pets. as the weeks went on they got bigger and bigger, until we couldn't tell the babies from the mom and dad. so five large groundhogs started making noise, UNDER the dining room floor. chewing sounds, like they were going to come up through the floor. sadly, we had to evict them, and it was not an easy process.
stay tuned for more wildlife.

the groundhogs when they were still little

a female hercules beetle, one of two that were found in the dining room

lots of lady bugs catching some warmth by the window

grasshoppers in the garden

parasitic wasp eggs on a hornworm

birds, lots of birds

birds use the property as a meeting grounds in the fall to discuss where to spend the winter, they all come together loud and chirpy, and they leave at the same time, leaving the trees eerily quiet

duck eggs laid near the house, two years in a row the mom abandoned them

black garden snake

hawk perched on the horse fence

maybe a swallowtail butterfly caterpillar

more caterpillars in the parsley

yellow garden spider

cicada shells

avery's cicada shell findings

praying mantis

geese gather by the pond

incoming geese

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